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INSULPRO is a full service insulation contractor specializing in older existing homes as well as new construction. With our years of insulation and construction experience, we understand how your home works together as a system. We can help fix your drafty older home or help you design a new energy efficient home.


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Blown Fiberglass insulation

Designed for open attics, blown-in, loose-fill fiber glass insulation provides an even coverage and ensures that no places are left uninsulated, especially around framing and edges. Your INSULPRO Home Insulation Professional will apply the recommened thickness and proper specifications.  Picture notes:  (picture on the left) House on the left lacks proper attic insulation and the heat from the home is melting the snow and the house on the right was properly insulated by Insulpro.


Insulpro offers both open and closed cell spray foam insulation.  Spray foam is the ideal choice for new construction and can also benefit older homes.  Spray foam can be used alone or combined with other insulation materials to create a hybrid system for your home.  Your Home Insulation Professional will recommend the best solution for you.

BIBS® - Blown in Blanket System

The BIBS Blown in Blanket System is a proven, time tested, premium insulation for exterior walls that can fit an configuration, any custom situation, and any home size. BIBS® offers a higher density, better air infiltration values, a higher R-Value over traditional fiberglass batt insulation, and is guaranteed to last for the life of your home.  Tests show that a mere 4% void area from a poorly installed batt, such as around an electrical outlet, causes a 50% increase in heat loss. The Blow-In-Blanket® System eliminates such voids by providing a custom fit and does not settle. Your Home Insulation Professionals at INSULPRO are trained to install the patented Blow-In-Blanket® System.

Fiber glass Batt insulation

High-quality fiberglass batts and rolls are beneficial for acoustical as well as thermal insulation of your home’s walls, ceilings and floors. Proper installation is the key to getting the performance from batt insulation.

Picture notes: (picture on left) Batts installed with BIBS walls.

(picture on right) For fiberglass batts to be effective, it is necessary to install an air barrier whenever the insulation is open to the attic.  Our installers are working to install 1/2″ foam board that will act as the air barrier and all prevent air infiltration.  Contact INSULPRO today for a free in-home consultation.

Cellulose insulation

Cellulose insulation is an excellent choice to insulate an older home that doesn’t have insulation in the exterior walls.  Insulpro can drill through the exterior of your home and dense pack cellulose into the walls.  Cellulose will fill around items in walls like pipes and wiring, increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Cellulose is typcially made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint, chemically treated to resist fire, insects, and mold. Your INSULPRO Professional will ensure that the right product, or group of products are used for the job.

Apartment and Multi-Family projects

Insulpro is dedicated to bringing our professional service and installation to larger multi-family projects.  Working closely with general contractors, Insulpro has completed numerous projects in the tri-state area.  Whether you are constructing a duplex, a large multi-building apartment complex, rehabbing a historical structure, or building a new hotel, contractors make the right decision by choosing Insulpro.  Below are a few examples of the many projects Insulpro has completed.  Contact Insulpro for a quote on your next project.

Customer Testimonials

What a great and thorough response! We love (and feel) the difference on the work you did. I don’t have to sleep with my sock cap on anymore! If you ever want to use us as a reference, especially in our neighborhood, feel free. Thanks!
Tom V., Evansville
These guys are pros! They performed what was needed but did not try to charge me for services I did not need. Very clean, professional, and thorough.
Michael B., Evansville
Most professional and without question one of the best contractors I have worked with. They do something unlike most contractors......They do what they say they will when they promise to do it.
Donald S., Evansville